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(By Style on the Coach / March 2011)

International Women’s Day 2011

Another designer I have been admiring is Liz Black, whose designs I found via my friend Frances Poulton’s blog.  Frances often writes enthusiastically about young designers and those collectiones that catch her eye- Liz Black’s ‘Concentric Thoughts’.  

Liz Black, who estudies at Central Saint Martins college in London, has been named a designer to watch out for by Vogue Italia.  Her own label was created just last year, and something about the description of the Liz Black Woman feels fitting for International Women’s Day:

“The Liz Black woman is sophisticated and cosmopolitan. She is a daring yet elegant dresser; and intellectual and empowered woman, with a busy lifestyle who demands innovative designs of the highest quality.

The Liz Black label reflects conceptual creativity and a focus on wearable statement pieces with timeless appeal; a minimalist and elegant aesthetic with an emphasis on structural shapes; impeccably tailored and chic pieces that complement the femenine silhouette for the modern fashionista”.

Images from Fashion Fantasist


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( By Rafaela Ricardo in Gutter Magazine/ February 2011)

Liz Black A/W 2011/12

As always, Central Saint Martins delivers an artistic genius. Liz Black’s A/W collection was unveiled to a rapturous reception as she conceptualized a new era in power dressing; a new silhouette, with the same attitude. Entitled ‘Concentric Thoughts’,  Black’s collection showcases her statement ‘circle’ bodysuit, seemingly a walking canvas, literally framing the empowered woman and highlighting her no-frills yet elegant stance in a demanding society where only impeccable tailoring and timeless style will do.

The collection features a muted palette of greys, an assortment of blues, and black and white on a sprinkling of simple separates including sensuede suit trousers and crisp white shirts.

An array of subtly futuristic dresses attribute heavily to the collection, with an evident inclination to the female silhouette, producing gorgeous, curvy outlines in mature silk organza, wool and peach-skin neoprene. The sleeveless dresses display cut-out circular panels at the front and back, giving them a deliciously understated sensuality.

With flecks of masculinity, the collection reveals boties and lapels sown onto the clothes, all extremely angular with smart, definitive, circular shapes and clear geometric lines influenced by Orphist artist Sonia Delaunay.

Gorgeous straight-cut trousers in teal and grey are paired with stunning suit jackets, all flaunting a different coloured sleeve to the rest of the jacket; white on grey, royal blue on black and grey on navy, staying consistent to the seemingly futuristic spin of the collection.

Pretty one-shouldered dresses and tiny shorts round up all the pieces; to add to all this pioneering glory is what can only be described as the most polishing of effects: a deliciously padded, winter-perfect, water-proof black silk coat, with a colossal hood and steadily rounded hem, as well as an equally glamorous, yet functional waistcoat version with a cute little bubble hood worn with tiny, black sensuede shorts and grey arm warmers.

A truly ground-breaking and novel collection with creative, wearable pieces, Black’s “Concentric Thoughts”  is awe-inspiring and brilliant. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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(By Tranoi)


Cups Coat by Liz Black

A graduate of London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, LIZ BLACK presents her subtly futuristic, minimalist AW 11/12 collection, Concentric Thoughts. The LIZ BLACK woman is sophisticated and cosmopolitan. She is a daring yet elegant dresser; an intelligent and empowered woman with a busy lifestyle who demands innovative designs of the highest quality. Her work combines conceptual creativity with a focus on wearable statement pieces with a timeless appeal; an elegant aesthetic with an emphasis on structural shapes; impeccably tailored, chic pieces that complement the feminine silhouette.


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(By Fashion Fantasist Blog/ February 2011)

Circle dress by Liz Black

This is Liz Black‘s debut Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection. Concentric Thoughts presents a subtle, futuristic, minimalist look. It consists of impeccably tailored statement pieces that have timeless appeal.

‘Concentric Thoughts aims to appeal to the intellectual woman who demands innovative designs of the highest quality whilst managing a busy lifestyle.’

Liz graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Her degree collection, ‘Arty Society’, featured geometric and circular shapes, inspired by the Orphist artist Sonia Delaunay and beautiful prints influenced by the work of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.

Hooded Coat by Liz Black

Concentric Thoughts signature pieces, The Circle Body Suit and The Circle Bow Dress ‘…frame the empowered woman in a circle, achieving a superb visual effect. Through out the collection, shapes are further refined and then re-simplified, resulting in beautifully feminine silhouettes whilst at the same time integrating masculine influences such as bow ties, lapels and collars sewn into the garments themselves. The use of sensuede, neoprene, silk organza, cotton and wool combine to create an elegant aesthetic.’

Cups Coat by Liz Black

Vogue Italia has described her as a ‘designer to watch out for’ and Fashion 156 has named her the author’s ‘personal womenswear highlight’. In 2010 she won Ysh London’s ‘Best in Show Competition’ and AKDK’s e-Creative ‘Best Emerging Fashion Designer’ award.

So I am very excited to see what comes next from this obviously very talented designer.

Fashion Fantasist xx


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(By Antonio Feuillebois in Bright Light Fright/ May 2011)


A few weeks ago i found images of Liz Black aw 11/12 pre-collection, which is her graduate collection while in one of those insomniac but productive late night re-searches, and I just simply fell in love with her realistic and minimal, yet futuristic, super sharp and clean geometric aesthetic. Liz Black is a graduate from Central Saint Martins, and has been described by Vogue Italia as “a designer to watch out for”. Her career after graduating manages to mix different design aesthetics, working for Emilio de la Morena, Diane Von Furstenberg and Elisa Palomino, she then launched her label under the name “Liz Black” last year, presenting her first ready-to-wear womenswear collection in aw 11/12 called: “Concentric Thoughts”. The whole collection speaks for itself. It’s consistent and serves as a continuation or more like a second chapter of her graduate collection. Something that was completely interesting was the way she used unexpected fabrics putting them together and making them work perfectly creating a symbiosis between the dualism of the fabrics, and the use of geometric circular shapes. One of the many examples is the silk organza midnight blue bubble skirt which is attached to the front circle wool dress; the use of “sensuede”, which is a fabric made out entirely of recycled polyester micro fiber perfectly illustrated in the “cups coat” (the red wine coat with bustier details on the bodice); and, or, the use of neoprene that is a synthetic type of rubber clearly shown in the front circle royal blue top with matching side circles skirt. My personal favorite, and the look I believe is the highlight of this collection, the structured circular bodysuit with a splashed print inspired on expressionist artist Jackson Pollock work. It entirely captivates the minimal yet futuristic aesthetic of the whole collection. Definitely a designer to watch out for.

(Promo Pictures)

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