AW13/14 Press Day

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Ready, set and go! Everyone was ready for the Press Day to begin. Cupcakes and sparkling wine were on hand as guests arrived to peruse the new AW13/14 collection.

Mannequins stood stoically and led the way to the showroom. The chequered floor brought the abstracted world of Wonderland to life, and let the garments sing without contention.

The Queen led centre stage, while the Hatter and Rabbit watched from the sidelines. The presentation music playing in the background, led you down the rabbit hole to a world of abstracted patterns and structured elegance.

Thank-you to everyone who attended, it was lovely seeing you all!


Adorn! Adorn! Adorn! – Show Jewellery by Luz Blair.


Heart Dress taking centre stage.


Eve Wearing Liz Black To The Great Gatsby Ball

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Eve was out in force, as she attended a pre-met ball screening of the the newest movie, The Great Gatsby. Dressed in the monochrome delight from the AW13/14 Collection, taking on a 1920s flapper style with simple heels and a mirrored clutch, perfectly dressed for a night of unprecedented elegance.



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Eve and Gwen at the event – Look out for their new collaboration on Eve’s new album!

AW13/14 Collection Photo Shoot – Behind The Scenes

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Lights, camera, action! Time to shoot the new AW13/14 look book. Everyone was on hand to assist to make everything look fabulous. Liz was at the helm and Andrea Conde Pereira was camera ready and full of precision. Santi Seco was in charge of the styling and creative flair. All hands were on deck to make this seamless, beautiful and Liz Black worthy!




LFW AW13/14 Fashion Scout Presentation

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Wonderland has manifested itself within Liz Black’s new AW13/14 collection. The show was structured around a tea party with a modern twist. Filled with cupcakes and fabulous tableware, this was not just any tea party. The presentation itself consisted of an interactive show with three models, the Hatter, the Queen and the Rabbit who acted out their parts, but the main collection was presented on the chequer board panels around the outside, like warriors ready for battle.

Muted tones of burgundy and navy streamline the female form, which emphasise the darker personality of Wonderland.  This, coupled with the use of woollen gabardine and silk crepe, draws attention to the fragmented but controlled surroundings of Wonderland.  It also focuses on the timeless and refined aesthetic of the brand.

Injections of signature abstract prints really transport one’s mind into the eclectic nature of Alice’s ever-changing environment.  Alice’s natural innocence and vulnerability is reflected in the use of silk chiffon and soft suede, encapsulating the sense of bold and daring femininity associated with the Liz Black woman.

 The show enabled the audience to immerse themselves within the chaotic but controlled world of Wonderland. It allowed them to play the character of Alice and be subjected to the cruel and stoic nature of the Queen.

‘An accomplished collection from a designer who has found and honed her design aesthetic, make sure to keep her on your radar as she is definitely on ours!’ – Candid Magazine

‘Our favourite pieces were the white “V” neck dress, worn by one of the models, and the red wool dress with a velvet fan on the side’ – The Designer Lookbook

‘One of the reasons I find the collection so memorable is because of the theatricality in which it was presented, but that doesn’t stop it being a strong collection all the same’ – British Style Bloggers


The Collection


The Collection


The Queen – Heart Dress.


The Rabbit – Rabbit Dress.


The Hatter – Hatter Dress.

Fashion Scout Presentation – Behind the Scenes

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Backstage at the Liz Black Fashion Scout presentation was  a mixture of frantic excitement and creativity. The Toni&Guy team and The Body Shop were on hand to transform the models into Liz’s vision, and allow the characters of Wonderland to come alive.

The chosen hairstyle was very structured which mirrored the exaggerated forms of the garments. The make-up was chosen to highlight the different characters, but in a very simplistic and effortless way.

Make- up – The Body Shop.

Hair – Toni&Guy.

Nails – Pebbles Aikens and her team.


The Body Shop provided the make-up for the experimenting to begin.


The Toni&Guy team were ready to prep, style and transform!


The Hatter getting ready for showtime.


The Queen coming to life.



Getting the collection ready for showtime.

SS13 Press Day

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An amass of pink balloons covered the floor at the SS13 press day presentation. Garments hung effortlessly on black rails, allowing the colours to pop. Injections of colour and unexpected cuts and shapes, have truly allowed Liz’s vision to come to life. The palette revolves around the femininity of pink and the simple strength of black and shades of white. Architecture has played an underlying part within this collection, and allowed imaginations to run rampant, and share in her vision of being both bold and daring, but allowing femininity to reign.

“The collection continues the brands ethos of complimenting the feminine silhouette, without pushing its creative flair into overly directional territory” –

‘The overall high-scale of elegancy lies in the balanced usage of textural proportions, as well as in the colour palette of lady-like pale pinks and strong blacks” – Dash Magazine



Alice Lowe pictured centre wearing ‘Dress B2’ from Liz Black A/W 1213 ‘Superheroine Chic’

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Alice Lowe pictured centre wearing 'Dress B2' from Liz Black A/W 1213 'Superheroine Chic'

Alice Lowe pictured wearing Liz Black in Cannes this summer. The simple yet statement Dress B2 from Liz Black A/W 1213 collection ‘Superheroine Chic’ Alice blogged ‘I have somehow, with the help of my agent’s assistant, convinced amazing designer, Liz Black, to lend me a dress…’ expressing her delight!