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(By Style on the Coach / March 2011)

International Women’s Day 2011

Another designer I have been admiring is Liz Black, whose designs I found via my friend Frances Poulton’s blog.  Frances often writes enthusiastically about young designers and those collectiones that catch her eye- Liz Black’s ‘Concentric Thoughts’.  

Liz Black, who estudies at Central Saint Martins college in London, has been named a designer to watch out for by Vogue Italia.  Her own label was created just last year, and something about the description of the Liz Black Woman feels fitting for International Women’s Day:

“The Liz Black woman is sophisticated and cosmopolitan. She is a daring yet elegant dresser; and intellectual and empowered woman, with a busy lifestyle who demands innovative designs of the highest quality.

The Liz Black label reflects conceptual creativity and a focus on wearable statement pieces with timeless appeal; a minimalist and elegant aesthetic with an emphasis on structural shapes; impeccably tailored and chic pieces that complement the femenine silhouette for the modern fashionista”.

Images from Fashion Fantasist

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