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Liz Black
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Graduate 2010

Motivated by stories of child labour in the garment industry, Liz
has juxtaposed the situation of these children with the story of
Alice in Wonderland – a child in a perfect, magical garden who
lives through very strong, scary, adult experiences. In using
reclaimed textiles with sentimental value Liz could be sure that
no child labour is involved in its next incarnation whilst diverting
waste from the one million tonnes of textiles sent to landfill each
year. Where new material was required, Liz sourced organic cotton
to minimise use of pesticides, and digital printing for a more
efficient production process.

'Alice in Wonderland' by Liz Black

Welcome to Fashioning the Future
by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion

The Fashioning the Future Summit is the first major event to come
out of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. The Centre was opened
in 2008 by director Dilys Williams and ambassador Caryn Franklin
to support, inspire and promote innovative approaches to the
fashion industry to achieve a sustainable future for all stakeholders
across the supply chain.

We are proud to promote the work of 26 designers, each
interpreting sustainability in groundbreaking and beautiful ways.
The collections showcased exemplify the creative boundaries that
are being pushed in order to re-explore fashion in sustainable
terms. Collectively they represent myriad responses to a complex
set of issues threatening the future of our industry. This is much
more than a starting point but it is by no means the solution. These
examples of thoughtful design aim to act as a catalyst for further
development and exploration at a number of levels. The results are
exciting as they are innovative and impart a sense of celebration
for the positive transforming power of considered design.

Fifteen of the collections showcased are finalists of the Fashioning
the Future competition – a global student project sponsored by The two winners of the contest will each win a cash
prize and the opportunity to be mentored by Sim Scavazza, creative
director of This competition attracted entries from across
the world and allows us to understand different geographical and
cultural perspectives to sustainability in fashion.

The summit strategy day has been developed to bring experts and
change makers to meet together to evolve a dynamic and forward
thinking approach to sustainability in fashion, questioning current
practice and behaviour in order to propose new and better ways
to design, develop and offer product evoking and responding
to a change in consumption patterns. We believe that through
collective debate and idea exchange we can create momentum to
effect change in our industry. The Centre for Sustainable Fashion
will be collating data to develop a tactics for change document
which will be circulated amongst all stakeholders. We believe that
from our neutral informed position we can guide, support and
promote the innovators, radicals and realists in designing a new

We have been lucky enough to be able to highlight the
groundbreaking and inspiring work of two internationally
acclaimed artists. Lucy Orta and Nicole Mackinlay Hahn have
travelled the globe to confront key issues affecting our paths as
consumers. We urge you engage with these exhibitions for the
short time they are in place here.

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is proud to be working with
The Earth Awards: Future-Crucial Design Solutions. Sponsored by
the Royal Princes of Abu Dhabi and Malaysia, this first of a kind
event has been founded with the mission to find and facilitate
the future-crucial design solutions that will improve the quality of
life for all human beings. The Earth Awards will culminate in an
event at The American Museum of Natural History in New York
in December 08 featuring key designers from the Fashioning the
Future show. If you would like to make a submission to this event,
please visit The Earth Awards.

We hope that Fashioning the Future inspires you to think,
experiment and innovate. If you would like to work with us again,
please get in touch.

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